Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Paraguay will play for honors, while Trinidad and Tobago play for their dream. England will have to beat Sweden in the other match, but Trinidad has a shot. I hope Leo Beenhakker, the Dutch coach of Trinidad, can pull off a 'Hiddink'.
Trinidad opens hopeful with a shot on target, a long shot from twenty meters.
"A beautiful header over the top," says the commentator. "If only he keeps it down."
I saw it deflect of the back of a player from Paraguay.
The television brings then news of Owen, a player for England, crashing through his knees. The commentators speculate on a possible loss of England. Then Sweden would take second place, and Trinidad goes home, no matter what.
Paraguay defends furious, and take possession of the ball. Possession switches, while players of both nations wangle steals.
Twenty-three minutes into the game, a striker of Paraguay heads the ball, but misses the intended target. Three minutes later a player of Trinidad, invertible, demonstrates how to head a ball into goal. His intention was deflection. The ball bounces of his head into his own goal.


The television remarks the irony how Paraguay lost with an own goal to England. I think of the good man from Trinidad and Tobago, he will remember this moment, every day, until the day he dies.
"Leo Beenhakker has yet to win a world cup game," says the commentator, not only referring to Trinidad's previous two games, but also to the 1990 finals, when Leo coached a disastrous Dutch national team.

Thirty minutes into the game, another knee brakes. Trinidad watches as a player seeks the stretcher to relieve his knee.
Trinidad scrambles to compose themselves, from the shock of the goal. They save the ball a couple of times of the goal line and keep the score at one against, at halftime.
"England is holding up their end of the bargain,” says the commentator, referring to the other match where England is now leading with one goal. “Trinidad needs a miracle to get back into the game."
Trinidad works on that miracle, three strikers work together to outplay the defense of Paraguay. A striker in the middle of the field passes to the far right, another striker crosses it back in front of the goal, and a third arrives too late.
Moments later, John, for Trinidad, finds himself alone in front of the goal, but the referee stops him taking a shot, offside.
Another opportunity arises not long after, when again three strikers outplay the defense of Paraguay. This time the third striker is on time. However, the keeper of Paraguay stumps the ball out of danger.
"It has been mostly one way traffic, here in the second half," says the commentator while Trinidad fires from twenty meter a ball two feet over the crossbar. I cannot read lips but I am sure the man of the Islands mentioned another man, born in Bethlehem 2006 years ago.
"Paraguay is setting up a defensive shell, while Trinidad tries to break it, says the commentator.
Paraguay counters and puts salt on the wound of Trinidad. A fast break, and a fast shot.


Trinidad back is broken, their dream denied. Trinidad has to go home.
Paraguay leaves the match a winner, but they go home nevertheless. Both nations will share a sorrow tonight